The Management team:



Chairman  CEO:  


Roger Byron-Collins, who is a son of an RAF aircrew officer. Having lived in OMQs from the 1940’s to the 1960’s and has personal experience of the management of such properties with a detailed knowledge of their individual design and construction. Roger has specialised in residential property for 45 years starting in central London with David Rowland’s Fordham Investments. He personally owned and managed numerous blocks of flats and residential estates throughout the UK and in 1980 acquired 4 large residential estates opposite the Pentagon, Washington DC. He has also specialised in the purchase, development and refurbishment of large estates of institutional housing, blocks of flats and estates of houses throughout the UK over the past 40 years, involving many thousand units of properties. This included the Grand Junction Estate located just 1/4 miles from Marble Arch and comprised all houses bounded by Praed Street, Sussex Gardens, Edgware Road and Norfolk Place in Paddington, London. Also extensive estates of National Coal Board housing were acquired throughout the East Midlands in the early 1980’s. He is a 'non resident' but visits the UK regularly.


Directors: A to Z



Barney Buik, has most recently raised equity for indirect residential investment. Having set up a fund eligible for pensions to do just this. He has also successfully raised equity for direct investment into residential property. Over £100m, for specific projects. 



Steven Copas, spent over 15 years between London, New York and Tokyo, as a senior executive for:  ITOCHU Corporation, with AUM $100 + billion, dealing with the property and commodities sectors and now specialises in property development to consulting, valuation to transaction, property management and investment management, he has covered all types of real estate assets: commercial, residential and rural.  Working with the world’s best funds and banks, which means he has unique access to global partners, macro intelligence and financial services and products. This is further enhanced by our partner's affiliation with the International Real Estate groups, enabling access to our real estate professionals across the globe, on a wide range of assets.


Steven Jones, was head of the Property Finance Team for Barclays in Wales and the West of England.  He retired from Barclays after 33 years of service  to join the team.  He has detailed knowledge of the property sector given his senior position with the Barclays Finance Team and has ‘hands on experience’ having funded many sizeable projects since the early 90s.



Alan Radley, was the group finance director for 18 years, during which period he gained considerable experience of the type of asset the group acquired and eventually project managed many of the schemes. He had previously worked for a firm of Chartered Accountants, who audited many of our companies.



Acting as a pipeline between the public and the private sector, our group have received numerous commendations from government departments, local authorities, County Councils and the Ministry of Defence for the sympathetic and professional manner in which we have privatised ex institutional housing estates.


We managed large businesses successfully and are well versed in financial modelling and control systems. The systems are in place to absorb a much larger business, whilst, maintaining low overheads.



These notes are designed to give a broad insight into our activity within this specialist niche market.