Mr. Roger Byron-Collins


Chairman | CEO 


Roger Byron-Collins, who is a son of an RAF aircrew officer. Having lived in OMQs from the 1940’s to the 1960’s and has personal experience of the management of such properties with a detailed knowledge of their individual design and construction. Roger has specialised in residential property for 45 years starting in central London with David Rowland’s Fordham Investments. He personally owned and managed numerous blocks of flats and residential estates throughout the UK and in 1980 acquired 4 large residential estates opposite the Pentagon, Washington DC. He has also specialised in the purchase, development and refurbishment of large estates of institutional housing, blocks of flats and estates of houses throughout the UK over the past 40 years, involving many thousand units of properties. This included the Grand Junction Estate located just 1/4 miles from Marble Arch and comprised all houses bounded by Praed Street, Sussex Gardens, Edgware Road and Norfolk Place in Paddington, London. Also extensive estates of National Coal Board housing were acquired throughout the East Midlands in the early 1980’s. He is a 'non resident' but visits the UK regularly.