Mr. Steven Jones




Steven Jones, was head of the Property Finance Team for Barclays in Wales and the West of England.  He retired from Barclays after 33 years of service  to join the team.  He has detailed knowledge of the property sector given his senior position with the Barclays Finance Team and has ‘hands on experience’ having funded many sizeable projects since the early 90s.  

As principles, we invest with our global equity partners and Steven, excels in:

•    Feasibility Studies
•    Construction
•    Commercial Management, 
•    Refurbishing
•    Value Engineering
•    Contract Negotiation
•    Due Diligence
•    Procurement  Budget
•    Architecture
•    Property Development
•    Office Development
•    Residential Development
•    Technical Design
•    Planning Consents
•    Real Estate Development
•    Design Management
•    Residential Homes
•    Mixed-use Budgets
•    Architectures
•    Project Planning
•    Business Analysis
•    Mixed Use
•    Change Management