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“Established with integrity and values since 1965”

Commercial Buildings





One of London’s largest private estate owners.


Our investments we held from 1965 to the present, are now realising over £19 billion, in todays asset class.


We are a specialist, primarily residential real estate investment and management company,  which has evolved with our various partners,  over half a century.


We competitively acquire tenanted portfolios, estates of houses, blocks of flats and all types of strong investments, throughout the European Union and United States.

We are a discrete low profile organisation and should we require: £50m or £500m, for the right opportunity, we can secure this, as we have done in the past, as having been actively investing mainly in the residential sector,  Most of our equity partners are AAA + and Tier 1 Partners and we are selective with whom we have dealt with historically.

We were originally established in 1965 on the Hyde Park Estate, owning outright and without partners, one of London’s largest free hold estate, the entire Grand Junction Estate (over 5 acres), comprising 525 houses, 15 shops all located between Sussex Gardens, Edgware Road, Praed Street and Norfolk Place, less than 1/2 km from Marble Arch, acquired from the Amalgamated Investment and Property Company Plc.

Grand Junction Estate covering (over 5 acres) Details:








In 1970 Roger Byron-Collins, was also a partner at Mullett Booker Estate Agents in Albion Street, on the Hyde Park Estate and he was instrumental in the sale and purchase of the Pimlico Estate covering (over 27 acres) in Victoria, including 480 homes for the owners CR Developments. The purchasers being Jack Dellal of the Dalton Barton Bank and Peter Crane of City and Municipal Properties part of a consortium in the Hanson Trust.  Roger Byron-Collins, was introduced to the Pimlico Estates' joint owners Lord Ashcombe, the chairman of Holland, Hannen and Cubitt, who was in partnership with Harry Reynolds of Reynolds Engineering by Colin Tennant, Lord Glenconner and his partner The Hon Brian Alexander of the Mustique Company.

Pimlico Estate covering (over 27 acres) Details

In 1980 we established our US office that was located at 1200 Arlington, Ridge Road, Arlington, Virginia and purchased 480 apartments adjacent to the Pentagon, Washington, being two blocks of apartments, The Cavendish and The Lancaster.


From: 1980 to 2015 we were one of UK Government's largest buyers of former military establishments acquiring, during that period, no less than 36 airfields, military facilities and housing estates.


2006 we acquired from the Bank of Scotland, the Tweed Premier portfolio, comprising 800 houses and flats throughout the UK.

1995 with our partners, Bankers Trust, EU Capital and Hodge Group, raised and bid £1.66 billion for the MOD 55,000 house Married Quarter Estate.

Over the years we have opened offices close to Washington DC in the USA and developed residential condominium conversion schemes around that nation's capital.  With our partners we have promoted and marketed housing schemes in St Vincent and the Grenadines in the West Indies. 


We have operated a specialist residential division, dedicated to the bulk purchasing of surplus government and institutional housing stock and have successfully purchased and re-introduced into the private sector 55 former Ministry of Defence and institutional housing sites. Our track record with the Ministry of Defence is well proven.


Having acquired 36 sites since 1979 from the MOD, we were, prior to the acquisition of the privatised MQE by Normura / Annington, the largest and most successful purchasers of ex-Government estates in the UK. We have submitted offers by formal tender, or bid by auction for 60 sites in total, and our success record has exceeded 50% of these disposals. On five separate occasions we have not been the higher tenderer but, due to our proven track record, the MOD have accepted our bids.


Over the past 30 years, the Property services agency  (PSA), Defence Land Agent (DLA) and subsequently the Defence Estates have often consulted with us, and accept our advice on matters relating to site planning and disposals. We have pioneered management agreements of drainage, foul water, surface water drainage, and water services with Anglian Water plc, for unadopted housing estates – which is unique for MOD sites.


Our ex-Married Quarter Estate Management structure, originally devised by one of the UK’s top lawyers, Titmuss Sainer Dechert, this has been perfected over a 40 year period and is one of the best available for managed estates.



Our legal advisors on the acquisition and disposal of these estates and portfolios throughout:



DAC Beachcroft                                                               

Wilkin Chapman Epton Blades              


Northern Ireland:

Campbell Fitzpatrick                             



Wink and Mackenzie                            

All projects are thoroughly appraised, based upon the knowledge gained from undertaking 55 projects. Generally, all the sites require a good understanding of the infrastructure, and we have built up a team over a long period, of specialists with sound knowledge of MOD estates. We have a nationwide team of knowledgeable sales agents, specifically relating to MOD housing.


Chairman/CEO, Roger Byron-Collins, who is a son of an RAF Officer. Having lived in MOD married Quarters from the 1940’s to the 1960’s, he has had personal experience of the management of such properties with a detailed knowledge of their individual design and construction.


He has also specialised in residential property for 45 years, starting in central London with David Rowland’s Fordham Investments. He personally owned and managed over 70 blocks of flats and residential estates throughout the UK and in 1980 acquired four large residential estates opposite the Pentagon, Washington DC. Throughout his career he has specialised in residential acquisitions and disposals, which continues to this day

He has also specialised in the purchase, development and refurbishment of large estates of institutional housing, purpose-built blocks of flats and estates of houses throughout the UK, over the past 40 years, involving tens of thousand of units of properties. Extensive estates of former tenanted and vacant National Coal Board housing were acquired throughout the East Midlands in the early 1980’s in such locations as Thurcroft, Dinnington, South Elmsall, and Carlton in Lindrick.


Acting as a pipeline between the public and the private sector, we have received numerous commendations from government departments, local authorities, County Councils and The Services, for the sympathetic and professional manner in which we have privatised these estates.


We have managed large businesses successfully and are well versed in financial modelling and control systems. The systems are in place to absorb a much larger business, whilst, maintaining low overheads.


These notes are designed to give a broad insight into our activity within this specialist niche market.



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